Behind the Letters: The Making of Letterprins

Delve into the creative journey behind Letterprins, a groundbreaking web-app designed to ignite a passion for reading in children. In this talk, we explore the innovative process that brought Letterprins to life, from initial concept to final design.

Learn how our team crafted a unique learning experience that merges fun with education, leveraging algorithms to provide personalized literacy challenges for children of all reading levels.

Speaker Bio

Ali Boro

Annelies Wisse studied at Delft University of Technology, where she completed the master’s program in Design for Interaction (2010). During her master’s, she spent part of her studies in Istanbul.

As an Experience & Play Designer, Annelies creates products (interactive exhibits for museums, VR experiences, web applications, and more), all with the aim of imparting knowledge and fostering new behaviors. Whether it’s helping people who suffer from depression, families visiting an exhibition, or teenagers navigating puberty, Annelies assists them in engaging with often serious content in a playful manner.

Inventive, always curious, and empathetic.