Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Building Impactful Healthcare Games

Who doesn’t love fun and games? Contrary to the name, serious games are a great way to make healthcare fun. Koji’s Quest is a game developed for neurorehabilitation following a brain injury. Gamification is a powerful way to create medical devices that can positively impact lives, but serious games require serious collaboration.

Unlocking healthcare innovation and developing a game for clinical populations means working together with cross-sectional teams from researchers to marketing professionals to validate the product. This talk will touch upon the challenges of developing a game for medical use and how to solve them.

Speaker Bio

Faviola is a neuroscientist, XR/AI designer, gaming enthusiast, and the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of NeuroReality. She has lived in nine countries, which gives her a unique perspective on how to use gamification to benefit individuals from across the globe.

Faviola was the representative for European Women in STEM on the Forbes Technology Council and has won a number of awards for her contributions to leadership in digital healthcare.