From 90’s Indie Legend to Global Triumph: Fireside Chat with Engine Software CEO Ivo Wubbels on 25 Years of Video Game Prowess.

In this fire side chat, we delve into the incredible journey of Engine Software, a ~25-year-old video game development studio that started as a 90’s indie legend and rose to global triumph. In this captivating conversation with Engine Software CEO Ivo Wubbels, we’ll explore Engine’s road to success and how they overcame various pitfalls and challenges as a studio.

Speaker Bio

Ivo is one of Engine’s original founders and has a strong coding background. In the early days Ivo used to be one of our main programmers, until the managerial tasks took over as the company grew. With over twenty-five years in the games industry his experience within the company and his knowledge of the games industry is invaluable to Engine’s operation.