From Free-2-Play to Play&Own

Hate it or love it, NFT’s and crypto are not going away any time soon. Part of the criticism is the hyped culture and scams. But what if you could play a part in forming this industry and change it into a sustainable way of interacting with digital property? With FGL we set our first steps into web3 2 years ago and we’d like to share with you want we’ve learned.

Speaker Bio

Martine Spaans has worked in the games industry since 2006. She runs publishing label; a boutique F2P Mobile game publisher with a hands-on approach, specialised in Hidden Object, Match-3 and Simulation games. Tamalaki joined forces with partner-company to broaden the casual F2P reach on mobile. Since 2021 Martine also helps FGL to publish games on Roblox and to bring several NFT projects to life. This year Martine joined the Dutch Games Association as General Manager.