Opportunities for Dutch game developers in the Japanese Market

Since the inception of the videogames industry Japan has always been one of the most prominent and influential sectors in the global gaming landscape. While the potential of this market is clear to many Dutch game companies, the road to establish business in Japan is not.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Japan and the Dutch Games Association have been organising trade missions to Japanese game conferences for many years. In preparation for 2025, when the World Expo takes place in Osaka, we want to take this collaboration a step further. A market study to explore the opportunities in the gaming market in Japan was conducted. We’d like to share the results and takeaways with you here.

Speaker Bio

Ali Boro

Martine Spaans has worked in the games industry since 2006. She runs publishing label Tamalaki.com; a boutique F2P Mobile game publisher with a hands-on approach, specialised in Hidden Object, Match-3 and Simulation games.

Tamalaki joined forces with partner-company FGL.com to broaden the casual F2P reach on mobile. Since 2021 Martine also helps FGL to publish games on Roblox and to bring several NFT projects to life. Martine also is the General Manager at the Dutch Games Association.