Listening to Africa’s Games Industry: Lessons We Can’t Afford to Miss

Working with partners on the ground in different African regions, we are learning a lot about how to approach these emerging markets and actors. In this impulse talk, we delve into some of these lessons we have learned about the gaming landscape on the African continent, rich with untapped market potential, emerging ecosystems, and a wealth of talent.

And as we explore these lessons, we reflect on our own roles and responsibilities in navigating the unique dynamics of engagement with African partners, fostering mutual understanding, respect, and collaboration in our pursuit of sustainable growth.

Speaker Bio

Ali Boro

Matthes heads Spielfabrique’s European Videogame Accelerator (EVA). As such, he is primarily in charge of supporting ambitious studios to turn this ambition into success and growth. Matthes also leads Spielfabrique’s efforts in fostering sustainable practices in the games industry and connecting stakeholders from industry, science, and policy.

Matthes is driven by a desire to democratize the cultural power video games hold. He has taught university courses, created art, and hosted events on topics ranging from career design to futures literacy. Recently, he has become interested in how games foster societal discussions around global justice and better futures for all.