Unmask: Empowering Players to Contribute to Cancer Research through Casual Game Play.

Imagine playing a game that not only entertains but also contributes to real-world cancer research. That’s the vision behind Unmask, a game that turns the complex task of RNA matching into an engaging and accessible experience. As we speak, thousands of players are participating in groundbreaking lymphoma research through Unmask.

This session will explore how we designed Unmask to harness the power of gamification for scientific discovery and share our journey from concept to market, focusing on the results from a month of active gameplay. And the results look promising!

Speaker Bio

Dr. Menno van Pelt-Deen is a social impact game designer who works at the intersection of game design and various fields, from health to cultural heritage. He has created games in diverse contexts, including swimming pools and therapeutic sessions, and fosters intergenerational play.

As a former incubation manager at Dutch Game Garden, Menno helped start-ups thrive in the gaming industry. He initiated the Games [4Diversity] Jams to address issues like inclusion and health and currently works on projects such as Unmask, which gamifies cancer research, exemplifying his dedication to connecting people and driving societal impact through playful dialogues.