A Paradigm Shift in Serious Game Design: Insights from KlankKr8

Are you designing a serious game? This talk is for you. Olivier believes many serious games are designed incorrectly, impacting their effectiveness. Understanding the importance of intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation was a game-changer for Game Tailors. In this session, he will share how this insight transformed the design of their Dutch Game Award-winning game, KlankKr8. Learn from their journey and discover how to create more engaging and impactful applied games. Olivier looks forward to a lively discussion with you afterward!

Speaker Bio

Olivier Hokke is the CEO and Co-founder of Game Tailors, with over 75 serious game projects completed for clients like TU Eindhoven, Zwijsen, and TNO. Holding a master’s degree in Computer Science from TU Delft, Olivier blends his technical skills and passion for motivational psychology to design award-winning educational games.

His work, including the Dutch Game Award-winning KlankKr8, exemplifies his innovative approach to making learning fun and effective. Always pushing boundaries, Olivier is dedicated to transforming education through engaging game design.