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By Multiverse Narratives

Learn a fully functional symbol language. How? By interacting with three different cultures that settled on an active volcano! Collect and apply phrases and words you may not immediately understand, and discover that language is an expression of humanity.

Eloquence is a point-and-click language puzzle game. You learn to understand and eventually express yourself in a symbol language as you ascend the volcano that’s about to erupt. The languages in Eloquence are living and are used by the characters inhabiting the world. Test collected phrases and words on NPCs, and study their response to uncover what the symbols mean.

Each of Eloquence’s languages contains varied linguistic features that also appear in natural languages from all over the world. The game contains no writing other than the symbol languages. It uses visuals and sound to enhance communication with the player.

All conflicts and obstacles in Eloquence are cleared by using communication instead of violence. Eloquence furthermore has the mission to show that languages differ far less than you might expect, and that language is part of being human.

Will you be eloquent enough to save the island – and yourself?

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