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Jimmy Pataya

By Paladin Studios

PATAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Ever jumped out of a plane to face The Grinder? This is your chance!
Meet Jimmy Pataya. He is an Extreme Sports addict. His first skydive was at age six. His first motorcycle basejump was at age seven. He is the Chuck Norris of adrenaline. But that is not enough. He needs something new. He needs to jump out of an airplane, right into a huge obstacle course called The Grinder. The challenge: to get as far as possible, dodging everything in his path and get a high score.
At Paladin Studios, we make games because we love to make people smile – be it a sweet twinkle, loud laugh or evil grin. Play is at the heart of our projects, whether it is an educational game like EnerCities or an interactive experience such as the Pickering Player. We aim for the spark of beauty, originality, ingenuity – all those little things that create an awesome experience.
Developer’s note: Jimmy Pataya was developed in two weeks as an iPhone test project.

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