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By Game Tailors

Imagine being a child in primary school and not being able to have proper conversations with other children, let alone understanding your teacher! Roughly 7% of children suffer from this condition called developmental language disorder. A solution is to help these children gain an understanding of grammar and become more confident. However, it is often hard to let children practice things they find difficult and rather avoid.

In WaanZINnig, the child will come to a polluted planet earth, post-climate-change. But, surprise! Curious alien explorers visit Earth and ask the child to explain different events they witness on earth in exchange for helping to clean up our planet. So kind. By building a machine that matches the grammar of a sentence, aliens can convert trash collected from earth into cleaning UFOs. Then, you can merge collected UFOs together to form more powerful cleaning robots.

As a result, children may not even realize they are practicing as it’s disguised as a fun game.

Developed by Game Tailors, the game was commissioned by and built in collaboration with the Project ZINnig of the Speech, Language & Hearing Research Group, HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

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