June 21, 2023


INDIGO is back with a full on-site edition in 2023! Stay tuned for the start of ticket sales, to join the leading Dutch game business and showcase event, organized annually by Dutch Game Garden. 

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We believe that INDIGO is pretty unique. It’s a platform for developers, publishers, investors, press, and other interested parties to connect and create new opportunities together. INDIGO has the perfect atmosphere to encourage business relationships and inspire future projects!

INDIGO consists of MeetToMatch, Talks Conference, and Discover Showcase. Each of these tracks has a different focus and goal. Find your perfect business partner through online or on-site MeetToMatch, with dozens of established publishers and investors participating. Get inspired by industry experts and like-minded game entrepreneurs during our quality on-site Talks Conference, and explore the latest games by developers from the Netherlands and beyond at our online Discover Showcase!


In the months leading up to INDIGO 2022 you'll receive a monthly update on the TALKS conference program, new DISCOVER showcasers, and new companies and publisheres on the MEETTOMATCH platform. After INDIGO, we will delight you regularly with some after fun and ofcourse you will be the first to hear INDIGO news. 


Enter a world full of adventure! During our Discover Showcase you have the opportunity to see some of the latest games in development from The Netherlands and beyond.

The Discover Showcase is brought to you live from the INDIGO studio in a day-long Twitch stream. Streamers will be joining in to play all the games, interact with the developers, and answer questions from our visitors. And… we will have a few audience spots in our studio for on-site ticket holders this year!


Console, PC, mobile, and physical installations. (Serious and entertainment games)

On-site conference

Get insider tips, tricks, and tactics on the topic of game business and creative development during our on-site conference!

The INDIGO conference consists of two tracks: business and entertainment. Talks will cover entertainment and serious game topics by game industry experts, prominent game companies, like-minded game entrepreneurs, and even students. 

The conference is hosted on-site this year at Dutch Game Garden’s home: the Dotslash Campus in Utrecht. Talks will also be available digitally after the event in our vault.


Find your next business opportunity with MeetToMatch at INDIGO!
Get connected to publishers, service providers, and other game companies. INDIGO & MeetToMatch will help bring your company to the next level.

This year’s MeetToMatch will be hosted virtually and on-site at the Dotslash Campus. The platform allows you to check and filter on whether people are on-site versus virtually attending, enabling you to make the most out of your presence as possible.

News Tower wins the INDIGO 2022 Award worth $5,000

A sunny, sold out festival edition of INDIGO brought the Dutch games industry and their foreign peers together in-person for the first time in a while. The game business and showcase event featured a two track conference, business matchmaking and an online...

Discover 24 new games at the INDIGO 2022 showcase livestream

On June 17, professionals from the Dutch game industry gather at INDIGO 2022. The game business and showcase event is organized annually by Dutch Game Garden has mostly returned back to the real world after two online editions. Except for the Discover Showcase: a...

INDIGO is back!

Get ready to reunite with industry peers at INDIGO 2022! After our online edition last year, we are beyond excited to welcome you to both an on-site and online program this year. Join the on-site conference with MeetToMatch square in Utrecht (NL), or tune in from a...

SCHiM wins INDIGO Award and 30 hours of video content

INDIGO presented a slice of the Dutch and Belgian game industry through a 30 hours live video stream for its 12th edition on June 25th. The game business and showcase event hosted two simultaneous conferences covering business and development topics and a game...

INDIGO 2021 will feature 25 games in the DISCOVER live stream

We're delighted to share that 25 new Dutch and Belgian games will be part of the DISCOVER showcase during INDIGO 2021. The showcase games will be played by 5 streamers with several entertainment breaks and can be accessed free of charge on Twitch and the INDIGO...

Calling Local Developers for INDIGO 2021 Showcase

DISCOVER, the traditional showcase track of INDIGO is looking for original games for its showcase on June 25th. Developers can submit their game starting now. The showcase call ends on April 30th. The Showcase.Dutch Game Garden will create a complete streaming...

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