Code of Conduct

Code of


Dutch Game Garden supports the game industry by creating job opportunities and promoting entrepreneurship. To do so, we initiate in-person events and online networking opportunities. At all our activities and events, we stand for an environment that is inclusive, respectful, considerate, safe and empowering for all participants. To ensure this, we require all attendees, speakers, hosts, participants, exhibitors, sponsors, volunteers and organizers to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

When visiting a Dutch Game Garden event, I will actively participate in the creation of an environment that is:


We welcome and support all people with a passion for games and/or who are interested to learn more about the games industry. We ensure a safe and welcoming environment for participants, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, personal preference, race, religion, physical or mental health conditions or physical appearance.


Giving and receiving feedback, meeting new people and discussing different viewpoints is of great value when it is done in a respectful, professional and considerate way. We require all communication and behavior at our event to be appropriate, professional and empowering towards all participants. Sexual language and behavior, personal attacks, unnecessary comments on appearance or personal preferences, disregarding personal space or communicated boundaries and disrespectful feedback are not accepted. All other behaviors that put people around you in a disadvantaged position or make them feel uncomfortable are also deemed inappropriate.


We support people to come together to learn and to grow professionally, but also to  make new friends and feel at home. A safe space is absolutely necessary for that. Harassment, discriminatory jokes, exclusionary behavior or encouraging any of these kinds of behaviors aren’t acceptable. All behavior must be professional and respectful to other participants.

To conclude

At all Dutch Game Garden events and gatherings, we communicate and behave in service of the creation of a friendly, supporting space where personal and professional growth can happen. We have a joint responsibility to create and maintain this space. If you witness any behavior that might make a person feel uncomfortable we encourage you to respectfully discuss this behaviour with the person(s) involved. 

If you are subject to unacceptable behavior, notice that someone else is being subject to unacceptable behavior, or have any other concerns, please notify the organizer as soon as possible. All reports will remain completely confidential.

Report all Code of Conduct violations to: