Find your next business opportunity with MeetToMatch at INDIGO!

INDIGO has once again partnered up with MeetToMatch to bring you a matchmaking tool to get connected to relations with publishers, service providers, and other game companies. INDIGO & MeetToMatch will help bring your company to the next level by building relations.

Meet with professionals

MeetToMatch is an international matchmaking platform. It’s most frequently used for event networking in the global video game industry. The platform gives the opportunity to have meetings with a variety of developers, publishers, and investors, making the best possible of your time. Every day there are more and more partners joining!

  • Easy overview:
    See your first upcoming meetings or sessions, or manage incoming and outgoing meeting requests on the fly.
  • Join meeting or session in one click*:
    Join any planned session or meeting with the click of a button.
  • Direct link to the right video conferencing room:
    Stop searching for the right link for each meeting. The platform directs you to the right room instantly.
*You will be notified when you can access the meeting platform if you have purchased an MTM ticket.


You'll receive a monthly update on the TALKS conference program, new DISCOVER showcasers and new attendees to the BUSINESS platform.


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