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Discover showcase

The INDIGO Showcase is back on location! During the Discover Showcase you have the opportunity to see some of the latest games in development from the Netherlands and beyond. Selected games compete for the one and only INDIGO Award.

Game submission is open now.
Submit your game before April 6, 23:59. 

Disover the showcase

Our legenday showcase is back on location! DISCOVER features the latest and greatest game creations from the Netherlands and beyond. Each game is showed on an iconic INDIGO cabinet, accompanied by its creators.

DISCOVER is not just about showing your game to future partners and industry friends, it is also about competing for the INDIGO Award. The winner is selected by a jury containing several industry veterans.

Why participate?

  • Exposure. INDIGO attracts industry professionals from all over Europe, including publishers, investors, other developers and government officials.
  • Business. Chat with industry friends about your game, get feedback and perfect your pitch to publishers or other possible partners.
  • Eternal Glory. Developers can compete for the INDIGO Award. 

Submission guidelines

  • A spot in the showcase includes 2 Business tickets at a discounted price of €200,- for 2 tickets. Single tickets are not available for the showcase!
  • The Business Pass includes:
    On-site MeetToMatch (business meetings)
    Talks, (conference tracks)
    All-day drinks and snacks
    INDIGO Vault access.
  • Selected Games will be included in the competition for the INDIGO 2023 Award.
  • Developers will showcase the game on location in Utrecht on June 21 for the duration of the event.
  • In order to benefit from MeetToMatch 2 team members are required on-site so one person can be with the game at all times.
  • Your game will be part of INDIGO promotion and communication on the website, social media and the INDIGO Magazine.

INDIGO award

Claim your spot in the indigo hall of fame!

During our yearly showcase, you can show off your game, engage with new audiences AND win the INDIGO Award. A selected jury of industry professionals will play your game and place their verdict. Being an INDIGO award winner involves eternal fame, exposure and a prize provided by one of our sponsors. The INDIGO 2022 Showcase winner was News Tower

Check out other previous winners in the INDIGO hall of fame.


In the months leading up to INDIGO 2023 you'll receive a monthly update on the TALKS conference program, new DISCOVER showcasers, and new companies and publishers on the MEETTOMATCH platform. After INDIGO, we will delight you regularly with some after fun and ofcourse you will be the first to hear INDIGO news.