32 Lessons from 32 Indie Devs

Inspired by interviews with 32 indie developers from a wide range of fields and expertise, this talk weaves the unique success stories of these indie developers into a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and achievements during their indie game development journey.

Attendees will learn about key pitfalls these developers have experienced in addition to the strategies and mentality required to guide them forward along this ultimately rewarding path of growth and challenge. This session will cover the keys experiences concerning target audiences, working with publishers, marketing, scope, teamwork, impact, and risks.

Speaker Bio


Adinda van Oosten combined her bachelor’s degree in China Studies with a degree in Game Design and Development. Leveraging this combination she landed a full time internship as a game designer at 宇峻奧汀(Userjoy) in Taiwan and at Pillogames in the Netherlands. After joining a Game Jam in Guangzhou she came to realize that she enjoyed teaching more than making games and continued her studies with a game design and research Master in Germany.

She relocated to Asia again as a service learning tutor at 嶺南大學 (Lingnan University) in Hong Kong, managing her own courses and organizing the Global Game Jam at Lingnan University. In 2019 she started the channel “Acreates” on Youtube providing tutorials for game maker enthusiasts and interviews indie developers from all over the world. Next to her digital teaching journey she taught at the UAS in Groningen for two years and in 2023 she became a game design teacher and coach at Deltion College in the Netherlands.