Future Of Game Education

Preach what you Practice. Introducing game studio NeoN Origins – Powered by Mediacollege Amsterdam, where we’re running a hybrid game studio with a 20-man team composed of game development students, educators and professionals. With a co-creation approach that emphasizes mentorship and apprenticeship over traditional classroom teaching, students gain hands-on experience and intrinsic motivation, while building an awesome game-service with us. Join our talk to see how we transform students to reliable young development professionals in the span of one year. Expect: talent & personal development, game education inspiration, and a new way to approach game development.

Speaker Bio

Alex Kentie was co-founder and creative director at Gamistry. He co-developed and shipped multiple mobile games such as Munch Time and Gold Diggers (both multi-million download and featured games on iOS). He also worked on bigger game projects for PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) and has 20-plus years of experience as a Game Artist and Designer and 15 years as a lecturer in the game development field.