Gaming is Training

Grendel Games biggest adventure in Serious Games was their keyhole surgery training game Underground, which was scientifically proven to transfer the technical skills of laparoscopic surgery in a fun way. As we revisit surgical training with our latest project, we’ve been looking at the perception gap in our customer base and how we can show them that “Gaming is Training”. To do this we’ve been exploring the scientific evidence that looks at the benefits of gaming across a wide range of cognitive, developmental, perception changes and technical skills challenges. So come and join us as we look at how gaming and game play shape human development and learning from birth to death.

Speaker Bio

Glyn Burtt studied cognitive neuroscience before completing his medical degree and then subsequently becoming a surgeon. He left surgery behind and spent twelve years in the Medical Device industry in sales, marketing, training, education and clinical science roles. While at Boston Scientific he met the Grendel Games team and they worked on two projects together, one to train the technical skills of laser prostate surgery (Neon Conduit) and another that is designed to change the perceptions of doctors on the significance to patients of quality-of-life side effects of radiation treatment for prostate cancer (that one was codenamed Dr Poopy Pants). He liked the team so much , that a year ago, he came to Leeuwarden to join the team as a medical subject matter expert and business development lead for the medical side of the business.