Game Changers: Empowering Diversity and Inclusion in the Gaming Industry

Role models like Lara Croft (Tombraider) and Aloy (Horizon) are few and sparse in the gaming industry. Looking at the 100 top-selling and major games released since 2017, nearly 80% of main characters are males, while nearly 55% are white. Let that sink in. Is this really representative of the players or the world we live in? If you want to do a better job and work together towards: • Better representation of characters; • Unlocking creative and innovative stories (without the cultural appropriation); • AND representation of employees; then this talk is for you. Lasting and meaningful change is a journey. Let’s do this together by combining our efforts, one stone at a time.

Speaker Bio

Ashmita, driven by an inclusive vision, left the corporate world where she worked for a decade. With Sparkling Gems, she guides organizations as a seasoned strategist and expert in the realms of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Ashmita aspires to unlock the true potential of individuals from various backgrounds. Embracing her role as both a gamer (since the age of 8) and a DEI advocate, Ashmita endeavors to shape a future where gaming thrives as an inclusive space, empowering all gamers to be seen, recognized, and cherished.