Enhancing the resilience of the Dutch creative industry.

The digital creative industry is an important sector for the Dutch economy. There are currently many changes taking place in the market in technological, political, and economic areas. Dealing with changes (resilience) is an important entrepreneurial competency. In the Verveci project (Strengthening Resilience of the Creative Industry), BUas has conducted research into factors that determine to what extent and in what way companies in the digital creative industry continue to grow and adapt – in short, are resilient.


Speaker Bio

Hans’ background is in business economics specializing in marketing. After a career in fast-moving consumer products, he set up his own company and joined Breda University in 2009. During his career has was involved in several marketing and business education projects for the NIMA Institute. From 2012 has was involved in the startup community at Breda University and participated in research to critical success factors in Game startups. Since 2020 Hans is involved in the Verveci project and is doing a PhD on the topic at Tilburg University.