Bridging the Gap: Leveraging Cultural Understanding to Enter the Lucrative Japanese Gaming Market

Highlighting the trends, evolution, and opportunities in the gaming and entertainment industry in Japan, as well as the challenges and strategies for foreign companies looking to tap into the market.

Speaker Bio

Tomoe is a former producer and business manager in Square Enix HQ for 6+ years. She delivered multiple AAA+ titles, including Final Fantasy VII and VIII, to a global audience across various platforms. She later moved to CoolGames B.V. in Amsterdam, where she served as a manager leading the Japanese market and sales team for five years. There, she spearheaded numerous successful partnership deals with major publishers and platforms, such as Taito, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Yahoo! Japan, LINE, and Kakaotalk, resulting in an impressive 300-400% revenue increase for the Japanese market. In 2020, Tomoe established GozenGames B.V., which specializes in helping foreign gaming companies penetrate the Japanese market. With her extensive industry knowledge and expertise, Tomoe is an invaluable resource to international gaming companies seeking to expand into the lucrative Japanese gaming market.