From Ruff Prototype to Release: Key Insights from Developing Howl

How do you decide as a studio which game ideas to develop into full games? When is a game ready to ship? In this talk, Eline Muijres shares the lessons learned from developing Howl, a turn-based tactical folktale. You’ll learn about Mipumi’s internal greenlight process for original IP development, as well as turning an original concept into a polished game. Eline highlights how the team dealt with the challenges of balancing game development and building an IP, all the while staying motivated with an unhealthy dose of wolf puns.

Speaker Bio

Eline Muijres is Producer at Mipumi Games, where she works on work-for-hire projects (The Settlers Online) as well as original IPs such as The Flower Collectors and Howl. She has over 10 years of experience in the games industry, doing communications & production at indie studios and game incubator Dutch Game Garden. Eline advocates for better inclusion & representation in the games industry as a Board Member of the Games [4Diversity] foundation, organizing events such as game industry floats at the Vienna Pride and the Utrecht Canal Pride. She is 1st Vice Chair of the Austrian game development association PGDA, supporting Austrian games and game business.