ReAction: A VR-game to help prevent youth knife violence

Knife violence amongst teens is a growing issue in the Netherlands. ReAction was developed together with the youth care organization MEE & de Wering, to make youth aware of the risks and dangers of carrying a knife. We will talk about some interesting game design challenges in creating a believable experience. We will explain how we connected the game to deeper issues related to status, bullying, peer pressure and social media. We will also tell more about what it means to work with teens to co-create storyline, voiceovers and motion capture. ReAction was featured in the Telegraaf and in the Jeugdjournaal and is now being used at primary and secondary schools and youth centers across the Netherlands.

Speaker Bio

Roger’s passion is in creating experiences and games that make a difference. He loves Virtual Reality as it’s able to bring the story and experience closer to the player. He has explored that in both single and multiplayer games. Together with his business partner Nikita Kayal he has been creating games experiences for Healthcare, Education, Business and Arts.