Fireside chat with Ralph Egas, abstraction Games

Ralph Egas, co-founder of abstraction in Valkenswaard, will be interviewed about running a AAA development company from the South of The Netherlands, balancing co-development services for titles such as Dune with developing original in-house technology-driven IP. He will also reflect on the current state of game technology, the creation pipeline and share his insights on Ai, Blockchain, and finding AAA talent in the Dutch ecosystem.

Speaker Bio

My passion for gaming started way back with the venerated Commodore 64 and Amiga consoles. I honed my programming skills in the industry for many years, but the desire for autonomy and creative freedom was always there. The ability to experiment, try new things, and break boundaries is what truly excites me. I couldn’t do that in a strict corporate environment, so in 2007 I established abstraction. Now we’re a company with over 100 staff members. We’ve quickly become known as a top-tier development studio, co-developing original IP together with high profile partners like Funcom, Paradox, Mythical Games, BioWare and 343 Industries. As CEO, my goal is to make sure all our projects adhere to our core values, giving rise to creativity, and game-play excellence. We’re gamers making games for our peers, we know how important every detail needs to be. With all the experience and wisdom gathered along the way, abstraction is now well-prepared and ready to build their own original game content.