The 5G Platypus: A most unlikely career in GameDev

One person’s story on how they went from gamer to game developer in the most roundabout way possible. How they found their dream, admitted and committed to it, in spite of a perceived complete lack of talent. The personal transformation from a somewhat odd mixed bag of tastes, jack of all trades master of none to an even more odd mixed bag, jack of all trades master of none. In spite of all the terrible advice they got, okay some of it was kinda good. How they had no other choice but to flee to Poland. Twice. About all the stops in between, and how they found themself breaking rules left right and center along the way. How they went from Gwydion to Garrett to Geralt to Guerrilla to Geralt.

Speaker Bio

Dennis Zoetebier (1980) is a Game and Quest Designer from The Netherlands. He has worked on the critically acclaimed games Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Horizon: Zero Dawn, as well as its DLC, the Frozen Wilds and finally Horizon: Forbidden West. He has always been enamored by the enormous potential for emotional engagement the interactive medium of video games harbors through meaningful choice, unique for this form of entertainment. Graduated from Utrecht School of the Arts in 2007 with a thesis investigating whether emotions like dread, glee, melancholy, sadness and despair could be instigated through gameplay alone, Dennis has remained fascinated with this aspect of video games and is looking for it in everything he plays. He currently is employed by Fool’s Theory, working on The Witcher Remake and lives in Bilthoven, The Netherlands.