5 Reasons Why Your Game Pitches Suck! (and how to fix them)

As the Head of the department responsible for evaluating all games that are being considered for publishing at MY.GAMES, Nic and his team have gathered a short list of the main reasons why games don’t get picked up. Exclusively at Indigo he will share the most impactful reasons and how to make sure your next pitch does get picked up by the publisher of your dreams!

Speaker Bio

Nic describes himself as a gaming industry marketing veteran who keeps finding ways to turn his hobbies into his job. The last example of that was when he turned his compulsive game buying & playing habits into a job by becoming the person who leads the Game Evaluation efforts at MY.GAMES. In his role Nic and his team evaluate pitches and early builds for dozens of games each month. At INDIGO he wants to share some of the things he’s learned from that experience and he looks forward to the opportunity to find even more games to evaluate in the near future!