From 90’s Indie Legend to Global Triumph: Fireside Chat with Engine Software CEO Ivo Wubbels on 25 Years of Video Game Prowess.

In this fire side chat, we delve into the incredible journey of Engine Software, a ~25-year-old video game development studio that started as a 90’s indie legend and rose to global triumph. In this captivating conversation with Engine Software CEO Ivo Wubbels, we’ll explore Engine’s road to success and how they overcame various pitfalls and challenges as a studio.

Speaker Bio

With more than 15 years experience, Maarten de Koning is a highly respected executive, entrepreneur, and advisor in the games industry. As Partner and Executive Vice President, Maarten has been with DDM since 2013 when he merged his own agency into the company. With a background in investment management and game development, Maarten co-founded the Green Hill production house, which would subsequently be acquired by DDM. It was at Green Hill that Maarten established his principles for starting an agency, which were to provide business development, effective product management and consultation to video game developers. Maarten began his career in the industry as a game producer and is a certified Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Master. He serves as an active board member and advisor for multiple startups, industry funds and game industry conferences. He is also still a shareholder in Mardelli, a family investment firm that invests and manages assets on a world-wide scale.