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Speaker Bio

Gaming entrepreneur since 2006. Started life in a game development role as co-founder of (Eximion) with distrubution technology to help distribute it’s games. In 2009 we pivoted to a technology company (Kalydo) to license smart download technology to companies around the globe (China, USA, South America, Europe). Since 2014 I am the co-founder and CEO of Utomik the pioneer in subscription gaming and I have helped in developing it to a service with 1400+ games in one subscription. The company has a B2B(2C) approach. The platform has been developed with patented smart progressive download technology for Windows, but has now transformed into a cross platform hybrid gaming platform leveraging cloud gaming technology combined with native windows play, allowing players to play on PC, Mobile (Android) and TV (Samsung, LG) in one seamless experience. Use the best option where needed to get the best user experience. This was a massive undertaking of which I am proud for both my own role in helping this materialize and even more proud of all the team members and partners. I love helping people grow. I love to innovate and execute on innovation. I love to learn from others and experiences. And I love the art of gaming and bringing those experiences to more people around the globe. And much more.