Fireside chat with Ralph Egas, Abstraction Games

Ralph Egas, co-founder of Abstraction in Valkenswaard, will be interviewed by JP van Seventer (Managing Director Dutch Game Garden) about running a AAA development company from the South of The Netherlands, balancing co-development services for titles such as Dune with developing original in-house technology-driven IP. Ralph will also reflect on the current state of game technology, the creation pipeline and share his insights on Ai, Blockchain, and finding AAA talent in the Dutch ecosystem.

Speaker Bio

JP van Seventer is the managing director at Dutch Game Garden. JP has been a game industry professional for 20+ years, with a vision for optimizing the international success of aspiring and experienced game development companies. He has been a pioneer within the global game incubation/acceleration space since 2008 with the launch of Dutch Game Garden. JP maintains an extensive global network of game industry leaders and development professionals to serve the needs of the game companies. Within the Dutch national network of creative industry and economic development has (had) several advisory roles towards national and local government. JP has experience with games on all leading platforms ranging from mobile, console, PC, tablet, browser-based, custom platforms, and VR/AR/XR in his extensive career. JP has a background in Industrial Design, Mechanical engineering and started his career as a game designer, 3d artist, and level designer.