Better Adaptive Music for Starship Troopers

For the last 15 years, Kejero has been on a mission to improve adaptive music techniques. Forget about fading stems and switching tracks on the beat. With his ‘Better Adaptive Music’ approach, the instruments adjust their playing style in realtime, and they start and stop playing in a natural way, as if everything is performed live. In this talk, Kejero shows how a truly seemless adaptive soundtrack can utterly elevate the gaming experience to a new level. And how to break down an incredibly ambitious idea and achieve a AAA result on an indie budget.

Speaker Bio

Kejero ( has written music for film, tv and games. His passion for adaptive music led to the ‘Adaptive Music Adventures’ series on YouTube, and eventually to the design of his custom Better Adaptive Music system. He’s currently founding a new game studio and working on an exciting new game that will combine his love for adventure, classic cartoons and music.