Stealing Character: How To Write For Big Marvelous IPs

How do you write your own version of a beloved character that has been portrayed by many authors and adored by millions of people? Join Keano Raubun as he shares his experience writing for Marvel’s Avengers and provides valuable insights into writing established characters and making them yours. In this talk, Keano will offer practical advice and writing exercises to help capture character voice and tone, whether you’re working on an established IP or creating original content.

Speaker Bio

Keano Raubun is a seasoned game developer with over a decade of experience in both modding and professional game development. With a strong background in game design, he has contributed to several AAA projects in both Game and Narrative Design capacity. Graduating from the Breda University of Applied Sciences in 2015, he broke into the game industry creating mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He has since worked on high-profile titles such as Marvel’s Avengers and the Dutch indie darling Action Henk. He is also obsessed with painting Warhammer miniatures.