Streamlining Art Production with Procedural Substance Tools and AI

In this talk, Käy Vriend will discuss how procedural substance tools, specifically the Substance suite, can speed up the art production process. The Substance suite includes Substance Sampler, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer, which can be used to create seamless scan-like materials, smart materials that conform to any mesh, and tools that save time on modeling or sculpting. Käy will showcase some of the possibilities that studios currently have with the Substance suite and explore how AI can be integrated to further streamline workflows and enhance procedural tools.

Speaker Bio

Käy is a highly skilled and accomplished material artist with extensive expertise in Substance software. He has earned numerous awards for his work and is recognized as one of the top Substance artists in the world. In addition to his creative talents, Käy is also a sought-after consultant, coach and mentor, helping studios of all sizes to build and grow their capabilities. He is deeply passionate about finding and creating synergies to contribute to the success of the games, film, and design industries.