Managers, your team’s productivity is your responsibility!

The internet is full of neat little tips on how to get organized, make the best to-do list, and how to timebox your day in order to boost efficiency and maximize your productivity. What most of those articles do not mention however is that the environment in which you perform is more important than how you are set up inside that environment. No matter how organized your calendar, inbox, and Teams are, there is no way to get productive unless the environment allows you to be. In this talk, Jim Hendriks will talk about Systemic Productivity, what productivity actually looks like, why it’s the manager’s / producer’s job to make the environment productive, and how this can be achieved.

Speaker Bio

Jim Hendriks has been working at Ubisoft Massive Entertainment for nearly 6 years. Most recently within the role of Associate Producer. He has a heart for video game production and is always eager to look for ways to improve the team and the processes, empowering teams to make the best games.