A GIGANTIC Multiplayer puzzle

We will look behind the curtains of the seamless cross-platform multiplayer matchmaking system for Gigantic: Rampage Edition. We’ll see how it functions, what it considers and how kubernetes integrates it in our workflow. You will go home with ideas how to simplify your puzzle and get players in game.

Speaker Bio


Marc is a kind professional who thrives on the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity. For the past seven years, he has been an integral part of the engineering team at Abstraction, where his diverse skill set has been put to the test across a range of projects.

Marc’s journey at Abstraction began with programming creature behaviors, animations, and developing a spell system that has enchanted players worldwide. Marc’s versatility extends to technical tasks such as porting projects across platforms, optimizing build pipelines, and refining matchmaking algorithms.

Known for his straightforward approach, Marc is a pragmatic problem-solver who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Always looking ahead, he embodies a mindset of continuous improvement, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow, inspiring those around him to reach beyond perceived boundaries.