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Speaker Bio

John is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, and has been working in tech my whole life. He wrote his first line of code at age 5, and built their first PC at 11. He’s been in games for over 20 years, working mostly in AAA pc and console games in production management. He’s worked for Disney, Crytek, Abstraction, and a few other smaller companies. In the last four years, he’s been consulting independently and also been part of several startups in various industries developing both SaaS solutions and hardware. He’s an avid scuba diver, and plays the guitar badly. He likes to cook, makes a decent cocktail, travels the world and enjoys discovering new places and things. As a true globetrotter, he’s lived in 6 countries (The USA, Colombia, Bolivia, Germany, France, The Netherlands), and speaks English, Spanish, and German. And last but not least, a happy father of 3 sons, ages 15, 12, and 3, and a yorkshire terrier named Cinnamon.