This year, INDIGO brought an unparalleled blend of innovation, creativity, and gaming insights to the heart of Utrecht on June 21st. Held this year at the Van der Valk Hotel, the event pushed the boundaries of the traditional Dutch game industry convention, delivering a top-tier experience to its community.

From the moment the attendees stepped into the venue, they were swept into the industry buzz. The hotel was filled with eager game industry professionals, each bringing their unique insights and passion to the gathering.

The event hosted a non-stop program of talks, filling the three rooms with back-to-back sessions with our 50 speakers on a variety of topics. Experts and pioneers shared insights on artificial intelligence, pitch developments, market analysis, and design while introducing attendees to innovative tools and the latest industry trends. The discussions were enriching, capturing the diversity of the global gaming landscape.

Returning to the INDIGO tradition, were the 22 fresh, playable games from talented developers presented on the refurbished iconic INDIGO cabinets, bringing the hands-on showcase back to the event. Meanwhile, the marketplace was abuzz with booths from major game companies including Stellar Entertainment, Abstraction, ROM Utrecht, GamePoint, and Nixxes Software, each showcasing their latest offerings and advancements.

Attendees were able to enjoy the hotel’s lavish catering services, adding to the event’s upscale feel. INDIGO 2023 also gained considerable media attention, with coverage from national news outlets like NOS and RTV Utrecht, amplifying the event’s significance.

The day reached its climax with the INDIGO 2023 Award ceremony, where the much-coveted prize was handed to Galaxy Groove for their mesmerizing game ‘Station to Station’. As the final speeches were made, the day concluded with a vibrant drinks reception hosted by Tencent Cloud, providing a relaxing setting for guests to network, unwind, and celebrate their shared passion for the industry.

The INDIGO team is committed to making this year’s wealth of knowledge of the conference accessible beyond the event. All the talks are currently being processed and will soon be available to INDIGO attendees, enabling them to revisit these insightful sessions at their convenience.

Reflecting on this year’s event, it’s clear that INDIGO 2023 has set a new standard for the game industry gatherings. As we look forward to the next edition, we carry with us the excitement, insights, and camaraderie of this unforgettable day, promising to bring even more innovation and community-building to INDIGO 2024.