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Fake Illusions

By Tom Hermans

Fake Illusions is a collection of optical illusions—but some of them are not playing fair! Some lines will only look shorter or taller, meanwhile sometimes one line actually is actually taller. Rectangles look like they all differ in color, but secretly, one of them will have a slightly different color. The illusion camouflages the differences. It’s your job to point them out! But beware—the fakers will do everything to stay unnoticed…

The game features ten different illusions, such as the Hermann Grid or Müller-Lyer arrows. Moreover, each with a number of variants and distractions. These are even combined together in the hectic Shuffle and Endless modes! It’s color blind friendly, textless, and supports a wide range of difficulty settings for accessibility.

Want to try some puzzles? The @FakeIllusionBot tweets a puzzle from the game every day!

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