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Enjoy the DISCOVER livestream! Our amazing cast of streamers play the selected 2022 showcase games –  and one of them will be awarded with the INDIGO 2022 Award!

TALKS program 2022

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"The story behind We Were Here: INDI-GO your own way!"

Lucia de Visser, Managing Director at Total Mayhem Games

"Leveraging External Development for Small Teams: Enabling your team to do what they do best"

 Juney Dijkstra, Legacy Portfolio Manager at 
Paradox Interactive



"Rethinking Indie games as Adaptation"

Amanda Kruse, Head of Business Development and Licensing at Good Shepherd Entertainment


"Why VC, Project funding and Publishers suck"

Per-Arne Lundberg, CEO at Amplifier Game Invest

Tim Glaus, Business Analyst at Amplifier Game Invest





"Even Tom Hanks thinks he's a loser from time to time"

Scott Davidson, Art Director at Player Unknown Productions

"VAF co-development support: giving (Dutch) developers creative and financial gain"

Youri Loedts, Head of Gamedepartment at VAF

Olivier Oosterbaan, Lawyer at Leopold Meijnen Oosterbaan Advocaten


"Building Machines for a Better Future in 'Horizon'"

Maxim Fleury, Lead Asset Artist, Machine & Weapons Team at Guerrilla

Lennart Franken, Senior Asset Artist, Machine & Weapons Team at Guerrilla

"How to find & attract great people without using a recruiter"

Enrico Heidelberg, Senior Recruiter at Riot Games





"Quality over Quantity : A possible future for videogame events"

Leon Winkler, Director of Global Events at Ubisoft HQ


"Why Cryptogames and tokenomics in gaming can be a source for innovation"

Omar Ramirez, Product Manager at Merit Circle



"60 game design lessons in 30 Minutes"

Tj’ièn Twijnstra, Game Director at Story Giant Games

"From the snowy hills of Umeå to world domination – Zordix’s journey in becoming an international gaming powerhouse."

Martijn van Doorn, Business Development Director at DDM

Matti Larsson, Director of Innovation and New Business at Zordix



"Creating the Many Faces of 'Horizon Forbidden West'"

Arno Schmitz, Lead Character Artist at Guerrilla


"Rising Global Challenges to Game Creation"

Kate Edwards, Culturalization Innovator at Geogrify, CXO & Co-founder at SetJetters


"After The Fall insights: Bleeding edge VR Development at Vertigo Games"

Peter Deurloo, Game Director & Lead Design at Vertigo Games

Shanice Lapierre Armande, 3D/Environment Artist at Vertigo Games

Pepijn van Duijn, Game Designer at Vertigo Games

"Panel Company Culture"

Sacha Blom, Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator at Paladin Studios

Kate Edwards, Culturalization Innovator at Geogrify, CXO & Co-founder at SetJetters

Leon Winkler, Director of Global Events at Ubisoft HQ

Scott Davidson, Art Director at Player Unknown Productions



MeetToMatch participants

Discover the companies that were present at INDIGO 2022!

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09:35 - 11:35: GLITCHKRAFT!



Content Creator on Twitch

GlitchKraft (they/them) is a full time content creator streaming a wide variety of games on Twitch daily — They have a big passion for indie games, especially storydriven, puzzles, point & clicks and roguelikes! GlitchKraft provides a chill and rage-free content and has a wholesomely kind community. Glitch was part of the Dutch Game Awards '21 jury, and is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in gaming.

11:35 - 11:45: Break!

11:45 - 13:45: Koolein!



Esports Host

Colin 'Koolein' Wijnholds started his career as a content creator on YouTube, which led to Twitch. His second love, next to Games is Radio and he found a combination of both in the world of E-Sports. His first gig was in Utrecht, but nowadays he can be found in Berlin for the League of Legends European Championshisps, Amazon European Master and locally he is still engaged with the Elite Series.

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13:45 - 13:55: Break!

13:55 - 15:55: shannanina!



Twitch Streamer

ShannaNina has been streaming full time on Twitch for the last 8 years. She's been through a lot of games in that time, but also streams herself making music. She sings, plays guitar and piano for her viewers, and since 2020 started learning music production as well. She recently started a Dutch channel (ShannaNinaNL) and now spends most of her time streaming in her native language. She has a love for indie games specifically and is always in for some platformers or puzzle games!

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15:55 - 16:05: Break!

16:05 - 17:45: teamwall!



Gaming Team of Afrojack

At TeamWALL, Afrojack and WALL artists live-stream games like WARZONE, Fall Guys, but also host production live-streams and live listening to demos streams. If you want to know when the next stream is happening, follow us on Discord.

17:45 - 18:00: Break!




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