On June 17, professionals from the Dutch game industry gather at INDIGO 2022. The game business and showcase event is organized annually by Dutch Game Garden has mostly returned back to the real world after two online editions. Except for the Discover Showcase: a selection of 24 games will be presented exclusively online. The games will be played by 4 streamers. The stream will be freely accesible throught Twitch and on the INDIGO website.

Developers, publishers, investors, students, and others that are interested in the games industry gather for the 13th edition of INDIGO to join the conference program, to network, and to discover the newest games. The conference and networking event are taking place on-location at the Dotslash campus in Utrecht. The Discover Showcase will be steamed to an international audience live from our studio at the event-site.

The showcase consists of 24 games, that are all published on the INDIGO website. During the livestream, one member of each team will be present in the studio for a live discussion with the streamers. Genres of the selected games vary from simulation, puzzle and photography games, to co-op beat ‘em up, casual, cottagecore adventuregames and more. Every game in the selection stands out in its own way, for instance because of the way the genre is interpreted, for its visual style or the story behind it. There are also games in the selection with a special theme and goal. In Unmask Lymphoma players assist in real-life research to find a cure for cancer. And in the game Musical Chairs players at home are invited to play along. Student project are a returning category of the INDIGO Discover Showcase. This year there are games from students of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Breda University of Applied Sciences and the University of Sevilla. 

The streamers GlitchKraft, TeamWall, ShannaNinaNL, and Melanie are playing the selected games together with the developers in our studio. While the audience cannot play most games themselves, the INDIGO Discover Showcase is nonetheless a great way to explore new games. “At INDIGO, you discover new games most people haven’t heard of yet and that you will not encounter in many other places”, says Aryeh Loeb, Incubation Manager at Dutch Game Garden. 

Meer info en gratis aanmelden voor de showcase kan via indigoshowcase.nl/discover. Geïnteresseerden voor de conferentie of matchmaking programma kunnen een ticket bestellen via de website: https://indigoshowcase.nl/. INDIGO 2022 wordt gesteund door de Provincie en Gemeente Utrecht en georganiseerd in samenwerking met Dotslash Utrecht.

For more info and free registration for the showcase, go to indigoshowcase.nl/discover. Tickets for the conference and matchmaking program can be ordered through the event website: https://indigoshowcase.nl/. INDIGO is supported by the Province and Municipality of Utrecht and organised together with Dotslash Utrecht.