With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, INDIGO 2021 will be hosted by Dutch Game Garden as a hybrid event on June 25th, 2021.

Like many other event organizers, Dutch Game Garden had to make a decision last year if INDIGO could continue, be delayed, or would take place online. Two months before INDIGO 2020 we decided we needed to continue INDIGO online. Too many other events were already canceled and we felt we needed to provide something for our community so that they could still interact, do business, and have some fun.

INDIGO Online provided many challenges for the team. Streaming the DISCOVER showcase and our TALKS conference, facilitating the MeetToMatch meetings entirely online, providing a way for attendees to play the DISCOVER showcase through Utomik, and creating an online portal so our virtual attendees could find everything they were looking for. Besides challenges, we also learned a lot. Attendees enjoyed our streamed DISCOVER content and we saw a major increase of international visitors who would otherwise pass up on the chance for visiting INDIGO.

We had hoped that INDIGO 2021 wouldn’t have to deal with the pandemic anymore. But sadly the reality is that COVID-19 isn’t done with us yet. Though we won’t be hosting a solely online event. With the additional funds of Creative Industry Fund NL, we’re able to host a hybrid event, managing the workload and challenges of both a physical and digital INDIGO.

The physical event though comes with some connotations. We won’t be hosting a physical DISCOVER showcase this year. One of the oldest and most fun parts of INDIGO. With the showcase, we cannot safeguard the health regulations that would be required. We will be streaming the DISCOVER showcase, invite the developers for an interview during the stream and have a jury judge the games for the INDIGO Award.

Visitors of the TALKS Conference and Business Track can attend INDIGO on location. There will be no additional charge but limited room depending on the regulations. We will announce when the free ticket upgrade is available some weeks before June 25th.

The ticket sale will start off in February. Expect to hear more from us then!