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Recapping 2021

INDIGO presented a slice of the Dutch and Belgian game industry through a 30 hours live video stream for its 12th edition on June 25th. The game business and showcase event hosted two simultaneous conferences covering business and development topics and a game showcase stream with several streamers. Meanwhile, INDIGO hosted over 500 business meetings with matchmaking partner MeetToMatch.










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Hosts & Speakers 2021

INDIGO 2021 hosted a record number of talks. We had 38 amazing speakers featuring in 26 talks throughout the day discussing various topics. From talent management, acquisitions, art, post-mortems, IP, legal matters, and diversity. We never had such an exciting program before! 

Streamers & Showcases 2021

INDIGO collaborated once again with several great streamers who took the time to play the awesome showcase games during the day. 



Content Creator on Twitch

GlitchKraft is a content creator from the Netherlands playing a wide variety of games on Twitch almost daily — from story driven indie-favorites to retro point and click adventures! Glitch provides a chill and rage-free space and has a wholesomely kind community.



Twitch streamer

ShannaNina has been streaming full time on Twitch for the last 8 years. She’s been through a lot of games in that time, but also streams herself making music. She sings, plays guitar and piano for her viewers, and since 2020 started learning music production as well. 



Gaming team of Afrojack

At TeamWALL, Afrojack and WALL artists live-stream games like WARZONE, Fall Guys, but also host production live-streams and live listening to demos streams. If you want to know when the next stream is happening, follow them on Discord.



Twitch streamer, host and content creator

Kenzhi is a Dutch variety streamer on Twitch who entertains his audience with RP, gameplay and unique Twitch segments. He hosts his own gameshow and drives around the country with his stream to meet up with other content creators.

Rami Ismail

Rami Ismail

Games Industry Ambassador, Game developer, Public Speaker, Consultant, Tool Developer

Rami Ismail is a Dutch-Egyptian independent video game developer and ambassador within the video game industry. He was 50% of Vlambeer, organized gamedev.world and created various free tools to assist game developers.


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INDIGO focuses on promoting the Dutch game industry to an international audience. Dutch productions, experts, games, and talent were presented at INDIGO 2021 on June 25th. If you want to see your company represented on INDIGO next year, contact us!


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