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Aeon Drive

By 2Awesome Studio

Aeon Drive is an action platformer game set in a cyberpunk version of Barcelona. The player controls Jack, a stranded space pilot on a quest to retrieve faulty pieces of dimension-bending machinery in order to preserve the space-time fabric of the universe. Jack will have to overcome a myriad obstacles using her sword, her teleportation dagger, and her unique skill to control time. Aeon Drive Key Features:

Speed-running platformer mechanics.
Eye-catching quality synthwave pixel art style.
Enjoy a sweet and shooty holiday in a cyberpunk version of tourist darling Barcelona.
Advanced scoring system that enables long term replayability.
Real-time difficulty adjustment – collect time-warping devices and use them strategically!
Compete against friends and Ashajuls through Discord integration.
Streaming mode to share your exploits with the rest of the galaxy.

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