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City of Springs

By Alterego Games

Craft & modify your own robot drones to fight off a cruel regime in City of Springs, a steampunkadventure game. Sneak into forbidden areas, help the people rebel, and explore the streets of Riveton.

You play as Val, a brilliant mechanic from the slum district but a rebel first and foremost. Val sees no excuse for her people having so little, when the Queen’s chosen elite flaunt so much. And while many work day and night to keep the springwork foundries running, no one dares to say anything about it. The ministries regulate every aspect of civilian life and any illegal act is cut from your rations. The people are scared and try to make the best out of life what they can, finding joy in the beauty of this very last city on earth, powered by the honest sweat of human labour. There is more going on, and Val wants to get to the bottom of it.

Registered or not, Val is a fixer, and this city is clearly broken. Sometimes you need to take a machine apart before you can fix it.

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