By Enchanted Works

Nomori is a complex mindbending puzzle game where you can control time and space. Play as Kiko and traverse a twisted and magical spiritworld where the laws of nature are unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Let your curiosity get the best of you and accidentally end up in the enchanted world of Nomori, a mystical and peaceful place tied to a sacred forest near the house of Kiko’s grandparents. However this forest is threatened by a logging operation, which in turn is causing Nomori to fall apart. Bond with Usa, a cute playful spirit that controls time and space. Use telekinesis to manipulate objects. Channel spirit portals to rotate your perspective and bend the non-euclidean nature of the world. Freeze and reverse objects in time in order to create new pathways and rescue stranded spirits.

Can you wrap your head around the nature of Nomori and restore peace and balance?

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