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By Asteroid Lab

Terraformers is a 3X Roguelike about colonizing and terraforming Mars. Lead humanities’ endeavor at settling the Red Planet. Discover rich resource deposits, stunning natural wonders and clear the ground for vital structures. Develop thriving metropolises and construct essential infrastructure for its new population with schools, greenhouse farms, eco-housing, hospitals, and more.

Choose leaders for your brave new world, with each remaining in power for 10 years. Select from a brilliant Nobel peace prize winner to a practical private security contractor, and an astute expert in simulation programming. Each candidate has impressive bonuses to offer, such as food management, mining, and energy savings.

Increase the atmosphere, temperature, oceans, and oxygen levels to spread life and improve living conditions. Wield the power of the Gods, creating life beginning as small as adaptive bacteria to fully developed forests with fauna. Terraform the planet by restarting a volcano, constructing giant space mirrors, or crashing ice asteroids. Maintain essential resources by setting up an interplanetary trading system with Earth. Set in a realistic version of Mars, Terraformers allows players to colonize the entire expanse of the planet with an accurate representation of real-life locations and what is known of its topography.”


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